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is a Silent killer...

Are you a Victim?

India termed as Diabetes Capital of the World

Are you contributing to this top position?

Watch out the multiple touch points &
symptoms of Diabetes...

You can be a Diabetic,
still Untreated….

Victim of Uncontrolled Diabetes???

Be prepared for the unconventional
support from Swastham...

Differentiated Post Rx Engagement & Scientific Intervention at multiple stages

We track you for Positive treatment outcome

1250 Specialists

across India partnering to fight the epidemic and this number is growing

Your Personalized

Health Coach

in the journey

Multiple Services and


to drive you towards

Better Health

Focusing on Uncontrolled and Untreated Diabetes...



has been

choosen carefully

All our panelists are

Specialists in

Diabetes Care

Best of the

Treating world

for you

A personalized

Health coach

with structured engagement
and intervation

You get supported in a

planned & continuous

manner to ensure that

Positive outcomes

are achieved


Health coach

monitoring your Health

at every stage


and experience the

differential care…

'Qualified Dietician'

'Diabetes Counselor'

'Patient Care Executive'

Enjoy great benefits like


Specialist Consultation,

Diagnostic Discounts...

all this and more to help

you control your

Blood Glucose levels

Treating Physician + Regular medication + Swastham


Diabetes under control

Swastham Complimentary Services
Updates and News
  • Swastham Diabetes Care launched it's Services in 226 cities across India